We are international ISO auditors.  We go into workplaces every week, assessing compliance to one of the ISO standards, usually 9001, 14001 or 45001.

Traditionally, we provide Lead Auditors to certification bodies, taking care of all aspects of the external audit from to the final report.  Between us, we have probably done in excess of 1000 certification audit days, covering most industry sector codes and are well experienced in delivering professional and compliant audits that have been scrutinised, with 100% success, by UKAS. 

In addition, we have always provided internal auditors to inhouse teams that need additional resources or simply want an independent formal audit of their management systems to give reassurance of the quality or objectivity of the findings or to be benchmarked against other organisations.   


Over the years, we have been routinely used to carry out ‘mock’ ISO audits to assess an organisation’s preparedness for a certification audit or to carry out a gap analysis to understand the extent of any missing elements.


More recently, we have carrying out 2nd party audits where organisations want a detailed, comprehensive assessment of their portfolio of sites and sometimes, that of their supply chains management systems, but without the need for ISO certification.